Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quilting Project

We have just finished our fourth session in the quilting project and several of the women have finished their squares.  They have created some lovely pieces with doves, trees, tranquil scenes and words of peace.     I can't wait to see how it will look once we assemble the quilt/wall hanging.     Shirley and I are enjoying working with these wonderful women and I am again made aware that people can communicate with one another without sharing a common language.   I have taken some photos of the work and will share them on my blog once we have all of them.   We are having a break over the holidays and will resume in January to complete the project.   This is where the machine savvy stitchers will take over.   I have discovered that I really enjoy teaching and encouraging women's creativity.

I found out last week that I placed second in two categories and third in two categories in the annual Hike the Highlands photo contest.   Soon as I have some free time I'll post the photos here on my blog.  Or you can see them on the Hike the Highlands Cape Breton website.

I am also presently working on a piece to submit to a calendar contest.....I hope I can finish it on time.  I have only two weeks to go......and there's still all that Christmas shopping, decorating, cleaning, and cooking the holiday dinner....