Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Piece Completed: Wimmin of the Island


My wedding gift is finished and ready to go.    A friend and former colleague of mine is marrying her long time female partner and she loved my original mermaid piece so I had the idea of creating a piece with two mermaids (she grew up on an island) and made an attempt to use their faces on the two.   I'm not sure how well I succeeded but I am hoping they will like the bodies I gave them and ignore the rest.    I constructed this piece much like my original (On the Rocks: Sometimes you just need to get away), using hand painted sky and water and using similar fabrics to the first.  In the background is their island home and I attached shells in the foreground which look like they are being tossed up onto the 'island' by the waves.  I stuffed the waves to give the piece some depth.  I am taking a chance to post this today (before the wedding) but  I am guessing that they are not looking at my blog right now since the wedding is a mere two days away.  I am off to Cape Breton on Monday for a week of hiking and wanted to post before I leave.
Here are some detail shots (before I added the shells).