Friday, July 13, 2012

More Stitchery

I seem to be doing a lot of embroidery lately.   This piece was inspired by our trip to the Gaspe last summer.   First I painted with caran d'ache pencils and crayons, the I stitched over it. 

I am also working on a challenge piece.  We were given 2 skeins of silk thread and a bag of beads.   We need to use at least half of the two skeins of silk thread (mine are blue and white) and then add the beads.   I have added several other colours of thread as well.    It is going to be a peacock and I have started two slightly different versions on black backgrounds.

Version #1 with multi coloured body - head not stitched yet

Details of eye of feather
Version #2 blue body (this could change)

The third work in progress is a combination of applique, paint, and embroidery.  It is my tribute to Newfoundland.    I put it aside for a few weeks but have made some progress on it this week.

Close up of whale, cod, tea cup, and oil rig

The road is a musical staff - I'll be adding notes

Close up of house and the proverbial moose

Clouds rolling in, signal hill,  mummers making visits, iceberg and dancing fiddler

Bye for now.  I'm heading to the Saguenay for a camping holiday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Floral Embroidered on Sun Print

I hand stitched my first sun print floral and here is the result.  I'm still not sure about the matt or framing but I have a few frames that I can choose from.   I may try some different colours of matts as well.  I worked really hard on this one because I am soon to be on vacation and plan to work on my other silk thread and beaded piece for a fall challenge while vacationing.  In August I will work on more sun print florals.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun Prints

On a very hot day last week I prepared to make sun prints.   First I gathered together items to 'print' such as flowers, leaves, cedar, cheese cloth, tulle, stencils etc. as well as  various brushes (foam brushes work well).

  Then I prepared several pots of setacolour paints.   I taped several pieces of white prewashed cotton onto a table covered with plastic.   At this point you need to work quickly.  I painted the cotton pieces one at a time with several colours.    As soon as one was painted I quickly arranged the items on it while the paint was still wet.

Ready to Print

cheese cloth, cedar worked well

so did grape leaves

 The main ingredient of sun prints is --- SUN!  Unfortunately after many days of hot, humid, endlessly sunny weather,  as soon as I had two prints ready, the sun disappeared!!

As a result the colours blended before the sun dried them and my first attempt ended up like this.  That can also happen if you add too much water to the paint (which I may have done as well).

The colours really blended together but I am okay with it because I am using it for background for some small florals.  Once the sun came out I tried again.  My second attempt gave some stronger colours.

The stencils work well but leave very sharp lines along the edges.  Again, because these will be covered up by flowers it is not a problem to me.  I think I may cut around the edges next time to soften the lines a bit.   I can always use a wash of colour over it as well.

Here is the start of a floral using one of these sun prints.   I played around with the flowers looking for the right mix.

Once I decided on the placement and choice of flowers, I started stitching.

This one is going to be a gift if I like the results.    I do love the effect of the sun prints in the background.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pictures of my Vernissage

Since my show opened in Almonte, I have been busy playing with sun prints, starting some new stitching projects, and finishing up a couple of small pieces.  I finally got around to loading up some images of the opening - some photos were taken by a friend, the rest I took after the guests left.   I have been promised some others which I will post later.   The colour varies even after editing but they show off the venue nicely - an old mill which is now a textile museum.

Entrance to Pathways

Waiting for the guests to arrive

Everything is ready for the speeches.  I said a few words.

There's my son in the background

And here are the guests arriving


My two sons and I - I look short

Me with friends - Dyanne and Larry
Some shots of the display after the guests left

Down the Garden Path

Flowers from Friends

After the opening - dinner on the patio at the Barley Mow watching the herons
I really enjoyed talking with the guests and didn't take any photos until they left.  I was too busy chatting.  Luckily my friends did.  It was very well attended and I loved hearing about people's favourites.  I especially loved it that different pieces appealed to different people.   I received lots of feedback and visitors asked lots of intelligent questions about the process, my philosophy and the stories behind the individual works.   I realize just how isolated we are as artists and how important it is to continue to put our work out there, join organizations, and meet with other fibre artists and with art lovers.   I came home that day renewed and full of ideas.  So much for taking a break.  My show continues till August 18 at the  Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte and I plan to go back with a few friends who weren't able to attend the opening.

Before I go on vacation I will try to post my latest experiences with sun printing, some glimpses of my latest embroidery work, challenges started and projects finished (well almost).