My Gallery

Most of my art quilts are stitched entirely by hand - using raw edge or needle turn applique and embroidery, embellished with paints, inks, paintstiks, gems, sequins, yarns etc.  Some of the fabrics are hand-painted with setacolours, watercolour crayons and water soluble pencil crayons.  Recently I have added machine stitching to some of my work but hand work is still my favourite pastime.

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My pieces are for sale unless otherwise noted.  Prices are in Cdn $$ and do not include shipping.  If you need more information or wish to purchase an item, please email me at 
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Thank you for your interest in my work. 

Sentinels of the Forest in Spring

 This piece is 12" x 14" when matted and framed in a natural wood frame.  Machine stitching and applique with tulle overlays.

Sunset Over Cavendish Beach


This piece is 12" x 16" and is mounted on a slanted stretched canvas.  It is pieced and machine stitched with angelina and tulle overlays.   The figures are appliqued by hand.

Votes for Women: The Women's Mock Parliament
I had fun researching this piece which is dedicated to the suffragists in Winnipeg in 1914 who turned the tables on those who said women should not have the vote by putting on a play asking the question  "Should Men Have the Vote?"  all very tongue in cheek.   This piece is 16" x 20".     The background is hand stitched.   The pictures and text are photo transferred and documents some of the struggles of women to get the vote.  In the centre is some very humorous text from the play itself.   I mounted this piece on a stretched canvas which was covered in bits of text, writings and quotes.  I placed the text boxes on the background in the shape of an X as a symbol of the vote.

Red Sky at Night Sailors' Delight 

This piece is 12 x 12" and is mounted on a stretched canvas.  It is presently on exhibit with Out of the Box Fibre Artists' Colour Challenge Exhibit and is NFS for now

With Eyes Like Diamonds in the Sky
This piece is 10 x 20", mounted on stretched canvas and is entirely hand stitched with beaded embellishment.  It was part of a beading challenge and was exhibited at Fibre Fling 2 and at Canada Beading Supply where it tied for first for Viewer's Choice Award.

A Tree in the Yard
 This piece is entirely hand embroidered.  The inspiration came from my giant ash tree which is undergoing treatments to prevent the emerald ash borer which has invaded our community.  So far it is fine.  The piece is 6`` by 9`` matted and framed under glass to 9`` x 12``.

Prairie Dawn

 This special piece is 6" x 12" and mounted on a stretched canvas ready to hang.  The sky is hand painted satin and the fields are machine stitched.  The piece was created last fall (2013) for an exhibition at our local library and the theme was first lines of a book.  I chose W.O. Mitchell's 'Who Has Seen the Wind` - ``Here was the least common denominator of nature, the skeleton requirement, simply, of land and sky - Saskatchewan Prairie``.   More recently this piece has travelled to the FFAA show Prairies where it is currently being exhibited in Edmonton.  Prairie Dawn won second prize in its category of Mixed Media.  It will be for sale upon its return late fall 2014.

The Conversation - $350 SOLD

This 12" x 12" piece is completely hand embroidered on a photo transfer.  It is mounted on a stretched canvas and is ready to hang. The grouping of the tiny red/orange/yellow mushrooms reminded me of two families out for a stroll and stopping for a chat, hence the title.  This piece  was part of  Fibre Content, an exhibition in Burlington, ON in September 2014.   It is now available for purchase.

Fields of  Gold

$250    SOLD
This piece is a combination of fabric, paint and hand stitching.  It is 8 x 10 inches, framed to 16 x 18 inches.  Another in my Prairie series, this one focuses on the golden fields with a stream running through it under a clear blue sky.

Pitcher Plant

Embroidery is 5 x 7"   Framed size is 12.5 x 10.5"

Background is hand embroidered.  Pitcher plant is painted, appliqued and embroidered.   A colourful piece inspired by photos I took of pitcher plants nestled in ground cover.   Matted and framed in a barnboard style frame

Underwater Reflections
12" x 12"

Applique, free motion machine stitching, hand embroidery, covered in tulle, mounted on fabric-covered stretched canvas.  Inspired by rainbow reflections on underwater rocks at Fishing Cove, Cape Breton

Algonquin Bull Moose 21" x 18"
We saw this magnificent creature grazing in Algonquin Park.   His expression seemed to say "Please just go away and leave me alone".    So we snapped a photo and left him to his business.   This piece is completely hand-stitched and appliqued.

                                                          Windswept I -  $350
The dimensions of this piece are 18" x 16".   It is a one of a kind wallhanging which I stitched and quilted by hand in cotton fabrics.  

Birds of Paradise  26" x 20"
I just love the striking colours and bold design of a Bird of Paradise flower.  Stitched and quilted by hand with cotton batiks.

Puffins 10" x 12"
Hand-stitched and hand-quilted

Unexpected Treasure  10" x 12"
You never know when you may come upon an unexpected treasure.  Hand-stitched cottons, yarn,  applique, beads, gemstones, shiva paintstiks.  To purchase this piece, please see my ETSY shop link on sidebar.

           Heard it Through the Grapevine      11.5" x 14"         
I appliqued each grape leaf by hand unto the background and spilling over the black frame.   The tiny bunches of grapes just starting to form and the curly tendrils are embroidered. 

       The Birches 4" x 6" Matted to 5" x 7"   $50
The inspiration for this tiny piece was a walk along Salmon Pool trail in Cape Breton.   The birch trunks are made from rusted fabric from last summer's experiment.  The background is painted and the rocks, trunks and foreground are appliqued onto it.   As with all my work to date, this piece is stitched by hand.   Matted and ready to frame.    SOLD

            Orange Day Lily  10" x 10"   $230

I love when the lilies start to bloom in my garden.   This piece of fabric art was hand-stitched and embroidered.    I used mostly hand-dyes for the flower- fabric I dyed in one of  Elaine Quehl's classes.     It is not a big piece but there are a zillion stitches in it and it took a long time to complete.  

                Amaryllis - 4" x 6" matted to 8" x 10"   $70 unframed SOLD
Flower is hand-painted on fabric and embroidered, fabric-backed and mounted in a 5 x 7 mat - ready to frame.

                                Tablelands ll - 4" x 6" matted to 8" x 10"     $60
Hand-painted on fabric then hand-stitched, backed and mounted in a 5" x 7" mat - ready to frame.

The Earth is a Woman - 34" x 25"    $1200  SOLD 
Hand-stitched, handquilted, with applique, embroidery, gemstone stars, sequins, gemstones 

A Gannet Family Album - 12" x 12" -    $125
This hand-stitched piece was inspired by a visit to a gannet colony near Perce.   After observing their habits and taking copious photographs, I painted them caring for young, courting, showing reverence, standing guard, flying and drying their wings.  I thought it would be appropriate to make it a kind of family album in a background of ocean waves.

Dancing in the Clouds - 28" x 27" - $800
A whimsical look at a herd of elephants dancing among the clouds - and hardly a pink elephant in sight (well maybe one or two).  Inspired by seeing a galloping herd of elephants on TV raising a cloud of dust behind them.   This piece is raw edge and turned applique and is hand-stitched and hand quilted.   I added some African batik as an inner frame.  

Beach Huts at Suffolk - 6" x 24" -$90
This piece was completed as part of a challenge triptych but it stands quite well on its own.   

Reflections in a Swamp - 11 x 14
This piece is mostly machine stitched torn fabric strips with some hand stitching added.  Mounted on a painted stretched canvas

Motherhood - 11 x 14

Hand embroidered - inspired by a photo I took of a mother raccoon and 4 little ones.  It was a hot day and she was tired of them jumping all over her so she threw herself over a branch and fell asleep.

Water Lilies in a Marsh

Mostly machine stitched with water lilies and lily pads added by hand.  I mounted this onto a painted stretched canvas.  To purchase this piece, please see my ETSY shop link on sidebar.