small framed art

 Unless marked as sold, these pieces can be purchased by sending an email to   If you decide to purchase, I will send you an invoice through Square Register for the cost plus shipping enabling you to pay online with your choice of credit card (you do not need to join Square.  It will simply facilitate a safe purchase.)  Once purchase is completed I will ship the item to you.   Most of these pieces include glass but if you prefer to have it framed without glass, I can remove it (except from the shadowboxes).   Some pieces are also available unframed with mat only.   Ask me.

Hollyhocks      $100 SOLD

 Hollyhocks - This is a 3 x 6" piece framed to 8 x 10.  Needle Felted background, hand stitched blooms from organza, stitched leaves.

Winter        $70

Winter is  4 x 6" framed to 8 x 10"   It is needle felted onto a felt background with embellishments and hand stitching.

Sunset Silhouettes   SOLD

Sunset Silhouettes -  5 x 7" framed to 11 x 14"     A hand painted satin sky is the backdrop for these hand embroidered trees.  The ground is machine stitched strips of fabric.

After the Fall       $100

After the Fall - 4 x 6" framed to 8 x 10.   Another on the autumn/fallen leaves theme, inspired by this hand painted satin sky.  Hand embroidered trees and shrubs, machine stitched ground.

Daisy, Daisy!      $70 SOLD

Daisy, Daisy!     |Approx. 3.5 x 3.5" set in an 8 x 8" shadowbox.   Hand stitched daisies and other tiny flowers on a needle felted background.

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