Friday, September 24, 2010

Time to Finish UFOs - The Day Lily

I'm back from Hiking the Highlands of Cape Breton.   We had a lovely time as always and I'll share some photos once I have time to download and edit.

But now it's time to start finishing up some unfinished work in preparation for upcoming shows etc.  This one is called ' The Day Lily' and started with a photo of a beautiful vermilion coloured day lily in my garden.   I worked extensively on it last winter.  I used some hand-dyed fabric that I had dyed in class last fall and added some ready made batiks.   After many many hours of hand stitching I was done but I couldn't decide on a frame so I set it aside.  I tried black, white, various shades of colour......but was not happy with the result.   I didn't want it bursting out of the background but had pictured it more photo-like -  a bright center framed behind a light or dark coloured matt but I didn't want to use a regular matt and frame.  With input from other artistic folks, I decided on a creamy matt-like inner fabric frame and a narrow contrasting outer frame.   I chose a dark green for the outer frame that was present in the background.   I also found the perfect fabric for the backing that was covered with orange-red lilies. Here is the finished piece.  It's not very big, maybe around 12" x 12".

And here is the back.  I just need to add a sleeve.  It was very labour intensive but I am glad that I persevered.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Way Up High and Close to the Edge - and Awesome!!

This just about summarizes the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland.   We were amazed at every turn of the path.  At times we thought we were going to walk right over the edge into the ocean below.   We saw and heard whales from our perch on the cliff tops.   There was a large pod of orcas off the coast in August and the radio and TV channels had several reports about them - it was an unusual event.  We were lucky enough to see them twice.  I have quite a fear of open heights but by the time we were finished I was taking photos from the edge.  I think you learn to trust your instincts and overcome your fears when you are challenged.

Colourful Houses of St. John's, Newfoundland
Here are some examples of what we experienced in the sun, rain, and fog of Newfoundland.  Next week I am off to Cape Breton for their annual Hike the Highlands event.

The Fog Rolls in on Mickleleen's Path

Puffins on the Island

Very Close to the Edge
View of Petty Harbour From our B & B
OMG! They're Orcas!
Puffin at Sanctuary near Witless Bay
The Pulpit near beginning of Spout Path
Sugarloaf Trail - Logy Bay to Quidi Vidi
Just Keeps Getting Higher
Almost to Quidi Vidi - Can't Wait to Sample QV Beer on a Hot Day

Eerie Landscape on a Foggy Day
Puffin Pair on the Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Fabric Miniatures

I have been working on some 4 x 6s and 5 x 7s for an upcoming show in November.  Here are a few of the finished pieces mounted on 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 matts.     For the trunks of the trees in one piece and a few of the rocks in another I have used my rusted fabric from our experiment this summer.  I am really having fun with these small fabric pictures.  It's a break from the larger ones that I have been working on lately.