Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bon Appetit!

Not too much quilting but lots of eating and socializing!   Yesterday I invited several women friends over for a post christmas dinner and to watch the movie 'Julie and Julia'.    Of course, I had to cook a Julia Child recipe.....I decided on - what else - Boeuf Bourgignon!!    It took a lot of preparation and a strong constitution on my part because I eat very little meat especially beef.   I borrowed my friend's orange pot (le creuset made in France) and we all laughed when 'Julie' in the movie took her boeuf bourgignon out of the oven in that same pot!   My friends provided the trimmings - appetizers, salad, wine, and dessert.    We had a great gave me a new respect for Julia Child - her apparent wit and eccentricity, her talents, her patience, not to mention her supportive partner.   Of course, Meryl Streep played her to perfection.   And what about young Julie, taking on over 500 recipes in one year......I was exhausted after following just one recipe.

Now down to quilting.....but first New Year's Eve celebrations...

I am so thankful that I have such great women friends in my life.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

Well, after all the shopping, cleaning, cooking and eating, we have made it through another Christmas.  Everyone loved their gifts including me.   I have lots of fun gift certificates that I can use in my favourite art supply, quilting, and book stores.....They know what I like!  

I was looking forward to some snow shoeing and skiing and was disappointed when the weekend brought freezing rain.   However today it started to snow and we went out scrunching through the forest on our snow shoes.   We saw a very noisy raven, two deer and a woodpecker.   It was lovely with the trees covered in snow and a bit of ice from the ice storm.   I took a few photos because I'd like to start a winter scene.  I haven't done a winter quilt yet.  I keep thinking of sparkles and the aurora borealis.   My brain is just perculating with if I can only think of what to tackle for my course in creating an art quilt.  Our next class is coming up in early January.   I'm thinking I'd like to try something more abstract but I can't seem to let go of detail.   Anybody else have that same problem?

This weekend I worked on preparing a class that will be sold online.   It is a very interesting procedure and is moving right along - except when the computer lost part of my lesson when I was moving it into a different folder.   I have photographed every step of the way and my cat 'Dru' helped out by getting into the picture a few times.  I am now ready to actually start stitching.

Hoping for more snow.....Happy New Year to everyone.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I haven't been able to renew my connection with  Flickr photostream (to show thumbnails of work) but I have been able to add slideshows of both Flickr and Picasa photos at the right of the page.   Holiday planning and work have taken over my time recently though I did get out skiing and snowshoeing this week.....but little time to quilt or blog.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I think I have outsmarted the computer gremlins by adding a direct link to photos of my work.   Just click on picasa or flickr link at right of page.

Blogger Issues

Since there seems to be some difficulty in showing my flickr and picasa photo galleries (see big empty spaces at the right of this screen:-) right now and since it is such a grey day outside I decided to upload some cheerful autumn pieces and hiking scenery to brighten your day and mine.  Hopefully the photos will reappear soon on their own since I have done all I can to repair the problem.

I am hoping to work on my online landscape project this afternoon.   As I posted earlier, I am preparing a class for Quilting Weekly.   I have my camera and tripod ready to start photographing every step in the process.   Hopefully it will be completed early in the new year.   I'll post information on where to find the finished product  when it is ready for distribution.

Hey guess what!  The sun just came out.
Enjoy your weekend!