Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

Well, after all the shopping, cleaning, cooking and eating, we have made it through another Christmas.  Everyone loved their gifts including me.   I have lots of fun gift certificates that I can use in my favourite art supply, quilting, and book stores.....They know what I like!  

I was looking forward to some snow shoeing and skiing and was disappointed when the weekend brought freezing rain.   However today it started to snow and we went out scrunching through the forest on our snow shoes.   We saw a very noisy raven, two deer and a woodpecker.   It was lovely with the trees covered in snow and a bit of ice from the ice storm.   I took a few photos because I'd like to start a winter scene.  I haven't done a winter quilt yet.  I keep thinking of sparkles and the aurora borealis.   My brain is just perculating with if I can only think of what to tackle for my course in creating an art quilt.  Our next class is coming up in early January.   I'm thinking I'd like to try something more abstract but I can't seem to let go of detail.   Anybody else have that same problem?

This weekend I worked on preparing a class that will be sold online.   It is a very interesting procedure and is moving right along - except when the computer lost part of my lesson when I was moving it into a different folder.   I have photographed every step of the way and my cat 'Dru' helped out by getting into the picture a few times.  I am now ready to actually start stitching.

Hoping for more snow.....Happy New Year to everyone.

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