Friday, September 24, 2010

Time to Finish UFOs - The Day Lily

I'm back from Hiking the Highlands of Cape Breton.   We had a lovely time as always and I'll share some photos once I have time to download and edit.

But now it's time to start finishing up some unfinished work in preparation for upcoming shows etc.  This one is called ' The Day Lily' and started with a photo of a beautiful vermilion coloured day lily in my garden.   I worked extensively on it last winter.  I used some hand-dyed fabric that I had dyed in class last fall and added some ready made batiks.   After many many hours of hand stitching I was done but I couldn't decide on a frame so I set it aside.  I tried black, white, various shades of colour......but was not happy with the result.   I didn't want it bursting out of the background but had pictured it more photo-like -  a bright center framed behind a light or dark coloured matt but I didn't want to use a regular matt and frame.  With input from other artistic folks, I decided on a creamy matt-like inner fabric frame and a narrow contrasting outer frame.   I chose a dark green for the outer frame that was present in the background.   I also found the perfect fabric for the backing that was covered with orange-red lilies. Here is the finished piece.  It's not very big, maybe around 12" x 12".

And here is the back.  I just need to add a sleeve.  It was very labour intensive but I am glad that I persevered.

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  1. This is just lovely. Very high drama and you finished it up wonderful. Fabulous stitching from a close up view.


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