Friday, July 13, 2012

More Stitchery

I seem to be doing a lot of embroidery lately.   This piece was inspired by our trip to the Gaspe last summer.   First I painted with caran d'ache pencils and crayons, the I stitched over it. 

I am also working on a challenge piece.  We were given 2 skeins of silk thread and a bag of beads.   We need to use at least half of the two skeins of silk thread (mine are blue and white) and then add the beads.   I have added several other colours of thread as well.    It is going to be a peacock and I have started two slightly different versions on black backgrounds.

Version #1 with multi coloured body - head not stitched yet

Details of eye of feather
Version #2 blue body (this could change)

The third work in progress is a combination of applique, paint, and embroidery.  It is my tribute to Newfoundland.    I put it aside for a few weeks but have made some progress on it this week.

Close up of whale, cod, tea cup, and oil rig

The road is a musical staff - I'll be adding notes

Close up of house and the proverbial moose

Clouds rolling in, signal hill,  mummers making visits, iceberg and dancing fiddler

Bye for now.  I'm heading to the Saguenay for a camping holiday!

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  1. That is so pretty! ps. I just added you to my visual blog roll, so here's to more visitors comin' around you way!
    : )
    Monika K
    in Saskatoon


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