Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Hand Stitched Scenery

My next show is coming up soon so I am finishing up my three small hand embroidered pieces.   These were inspired by photos I took of the moose chewed trees in Cape Breton - on the Acadien Trail, the Jack Pine and Skyline.   I have added water to the first piece - artistic licence:)  I painted the background first then stitched over it.  For the background hills I used one strand of floss - thicker threads in the foreground.  I have a few more finishing touches for these two and then I will matt and frame them.

I thought that this one needed a pond so I added it

the colours are more intense in the actual piece

   I have just started stitching this third piece.

mostly painted - I have started stitching the background and grasses

I am also working on designing some fabric ornaments for my upcoming shows.  I have a few in progress and one finished so far.  It took some time and lots of false starts before I found two designs  I liked.  I have a couple of painted birds as well which I hope to use for 3D ornaments.  I will add text to each of them.  They are fused and hand stitched and are time consuming so I will probably just make a few to try them out.  The chickadee below is completed with stiff interfacing and fabric back.

I have a few more things to work on but have lots of jewelry and art work prepared for the two shows.   I have finished my piece for the library exhibition and will drop it off on Monday - yeah!.

Also on Monday I am attending a marbling workshop.  I am looking forward to it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair


 My next show this fall is the Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair.  This show has a beautiful venue in the Glebe Community Centre and the quality of artisans at this show is excellent.  I do enjoy this one and am happy to be juried in for another year.  Here is a link to their site with more details about the exhibitors.   Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair 2014

On November 29 and 30 I will be at the Shenkman Centre in Orleans for  Baz'ART.  This is my first time at the show and I am looking forward to it.   For more information about this art, craft, and live performance event and its participants go to Baz'ART

Having worked very hard this summer to prepare for the falls shows, I do have lots of stock and will spend this month making some new items.  

I took part in the Ottawa chapter of the ETSY Made in Canada Show on Sept 27.  Successful advertising brought thousands of people to the show.   But it was unbearably hot that day inside the fieldhouse and vendors and customers alike were sweltering.   I think I made the majority of my sales in the morning before the heat escalated although it was pretty warm when I arrived at 8 am.   Wishing I had brought an electric fan.   Also the wifi was not working which made it difficult for vendors like me who planned to use my Square Register with wifi.  Attendance does indicate an interest in Etsy and hopefully will bring more people to online shopping.  Who knew there were so many great craftspeople from the Ottawa area selling on ETSY.

I am also putting finishing touches (labels, wire etc) on my piece for the Stittsville Library show in November with Out of the Box.   The theme is 1914 and my inspiration was the Women's Mock Parliament in Winnipeg in January 2014.(see previous posts).   This interesting exhibition of fibre art will run throughout November at the Stittsville Public Library, Main Street, Stittsville, ON

That's all I have to share for now.   My small hand embroidered landscapes were well received at the Etsy show and I have painted three more backgrounds for mini embroideries which I am just starting to  stitch.  I'll post them when I have more stitching completed.    These new ones are all inspired by photos taken in Cape Breton last month.

Here are a couple more CB sights.  And no, we didn't take the lift up!   I love it, love it, love it there!!
View from the Top - What a Climb - Smokey Ski Hill

Wildflowers at Fishing Cove