Friday, April 2, 2010

My Last Art Quilt Class

Last Saturday was our last art quilt class with Elaine Quehl.   Elaine shared lots of information with us about exhibiting and selling our quilts, quilting organizations, and gave us several internet links.   I am committed to exposing my work and her generous sharing of information was greatly appreciated.   For years I have quilted while working full time.  Quilting was my passion and my outlet from front line social work.  It was my way to avoid burn out and vicarious trauma.

Now that I am semi-retired I want to make art quilts my primary work.    So I plan to join new groups, network with other quilters, and enter exhibitions and challenges -get my work out into the world.  My quilts tell a story - about my life, my loves, my values and philosophy.  Art has always been a part of my life, for many years working with clay, then writing poetry, songs, and prose.   Now I am writing with fabric.  I am thinking of ways to combine these loves - maybe in a quilt/story book.

Last year I approached the Textile Museum in Almonte Ontario for an exhibition.   I was thrilled to be juried in for a show in 2012.    Then last fall, I was approached to  prepare an online course for Quilting Weekly.   Encouraged by this, I am determined to try other venues.

I was listening to someone on TV recently describing the definition of a Bucket List - things you want to do before you.....well, you know.   I pondered and decided that I am already doing it - I just want to keep doing what I am already doing - singing, writing, hiking, quilting, travelling, and growing.......

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  1. Nice post Juanita. And you go girl! Do what you love and love what you do, and who knows where it will take you.



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