Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Embroidered Peacock has been Completed

I just put the last stitch on this bird's beak.  This piece is 10 x 20".   As part of a challenge I needed to use at least half a skein of turquoise silk thread and half of white plus a bag of beads.   I ended up using almost a whole skein of the turquoise, 3/4 of the white plus a skein of green and a bit of brown, purple and royal blue.  I am pleased with the bird's body, head and the many colourful 'eyes'.    The hardest part was using up all the beads.   Otherwise I think I would have just used the centre square for a 10 x 10 piece.   But that's what makes it a challenge!   There are beads on the eyes, throughout the body and just about everywhere else.   I thought the oval blue beads were perfect for the head dress.    I have shown it to a few friends and got a positive response.   I loved doing the embroidery on it.    Now I just need to mount it onto a stretched canvas. 

Next project - working on a piece with two mermaids - keeping it under wraps for now.   Also, just getting started on my themed piece - from a book - the Emerald City/Yellow Brick Road.  I'm thinking about dusting off that new sewing machine and trying out some machine stitching on this one.

On another note, I had my ash tree treated yesterday since our area has been infested by the emerald leaf borer.  It was expensive but this tree has lived many years and gives us shade, oxygen and a place for the birds and squirrels.   Here it is undergoing the treatment.

What a Beauty even in winter

It has also been a resting place for raccoons.....

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  1. I love your project on the peacock and I am looking forward to your next project, which are mermaids. These are just great and wonderful!


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