Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prairie Sky II

A few weeks ago I designed another Prairie Sky piece.  I started with a painted satin sky, added rolling hills and fields, and finished with a base strip much like the original prairie sky which is my blog header.   But this one is only 10 x 12 inches mounted on an 11 x 14 stretched canvas, and after I stitched the piece together, I hand stitched each individual fabric with french knots, twisted chains (for furrowed fields), and other tiny stitches.   The base strip was machine stitched with grasses, then hand stitching was added (ouch! my fingers hurt).  I zigzagged the edges then extended the width of the piece by painting  onto a stretched canvas background so the piece looks kind of 3D.   I added some pearl paint to the canvas sky to resemble the satin sky of the piece.  I really love it!!!  In fact I think it is one of my best pieces.   It took weeks of work but came together like magic.



 I only got to see it for one day before it went off to its new owner.   More about that later.   The paint hadn't even had time to cure but the new owner promised to be careful......I have made so many pieces but I really hate to see them go - especially so quickly.  But this one I know will be appreciated and it will have a good home.

Sad news - the person whose photos inspired my pieces  'Kitchen Party' and 'Autumn in Stoney Swamp' - passed away on Thursday.   He was a lovely man and a talented photographer.  He will be missed.

Kitchen Party

Autumn in Stoney Swamp

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  1. I've been using dyed satin for skies for years. It gives a beautiful shine to the sky. Lovely prairie sky.


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