Monday, September 23, 2013

Hiking the Highlands 2013

I have just returned from the annual Hike the Highlands festival in Cape Breton, NS.   We had fabulous weather for most of the ten days - except for this....

Money Point on a cold foggy rainy morning

By that afternoon we were hiking barefoot on Cabot Landing beach

The highlight of our hiking was a sunset hike on the Skyline trail.   We hiked into Skyline and waited....

View of highway from the top of Skyline

Up on the Boardwalk

Waiting for the Sunset

Behind us the moon was rising

It was a  Wow!! moment

Sunset on one side of us - Moonrise on the other - what could be better than that

Shadows from the Setting Sun

This is really how it looked - honestly

 On the way out we encountered several moose - cow and bulls - who were not too happy to see us there at that time of night.   It was too dark for me to photograph them but they were majestic.

I hurt my dominant hand before my vacation so I am unable to do any hand stitching (and not much else) for maybe a month - very frustrating!   Hopefully I can do some machine work.

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  1. Thanks for those stunning photos of your hike. Must have been wonderful.


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