Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Sacred Tree

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The Sacred Tree

 I managed to mount my tree piece onto a black canvas that I purchased.  I think that this will be my contribution to the 'Out of the Box' Stittsville library fibre art exhibition for the month of November.  It is based on the book "The Sacred Tree".    I have another possibility - a piece I have been working on with prairie grasses and big sky (Who Has Seen the Wind) - but I wanted to do more hand stitching and I am still nursing my injured hand (more physio - sigh!).  Yesterday they told me that it will take a long time to heal and my other hand is starting to hurt too, from overuse I guess.  So I need to exercise my hands but hand sewing is out of the question for now.  I'm trying to stay positive (ie when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right?) here's what I am doing.

One thing I learned to do when I was a child and there were no left handed scissors, was to cut with my right hand.   So I was able to use my painted satin skies to make some 4 x 6 mini landscapes/postcards.   They are fused down and ready to machine stitch.   Placement was tricky because my finger splint kept knocking pieces every which way (but my nurse practitioner told me yesterday to throw away the splint anyway). 

I'm also taking photos of the wonderful fall colours outside my door.    Last month I decided to trim my maple instead of cutting it down.   Today it rewarded me by producing the most gorgeous red leaves ever.   Some years they are mostly yellow but not this year.....

And my newly cabled ash tree is brilliantly yellow out in my back yard....I do love autumn!

Tomorrow Junk that Funk is coming to take away a load of things from my basement as well as a removing a sofa from my fabric/computer room so that I can finally have a room dedicated to sewing.  I am excited!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your hand but see that your creativity is still shining thru. We do seem to get it out don't we:-)

    Your work is fabulous by the way - I'm a new follower and am looking forward to seeing your projects


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