Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy News!

I posted previously about how three of my pieces were accepted into the FFAA show in Edmonton.   The theme was 'Prairies' and the show opened on May 4.  I wasn't able to be there but last week I received an email informing me that I had won a second prize in the show! (for Mixed Media)  The piece that won the prize is called 'Prairie Dawn' and was created last fall as part of a challenge to use the first line of a book as inspiration.  I chose the first line from “Who Has Seen the Wind” by W.O. Mitchell which reads:  “Here was the least common denominator of nature, the skeleton requirement simply, of land and sky – Saskatchewan Prairie.”   It really spoke to me of how I imagine the prairies from hearing prairie folk describe them - the vastness, the endless sky, the grasses and fields.    I am extra proud of this piece because the sky is my own painted fabric and the fields are machine stitched with some free motion stitching.   After 18 years of hand stitching and only 2 years of machine work I am thrilled by this!

We had wonderful weather for Mothers Day - warm and sunny - and I had a lovely day with my son, his partner, and her daughter.    I visited with them, my son took us out to lunch, then a long walk along the canal......all that and flowers too!  Very nice!


  1. I was there - I saw the whole thing! : ) Congratulations. I have to say how beautiful, vibrant, and glowing that piece is in person!! It literally shone. People say this to me all the time and it drives me nuts.. but it's true - Your art is MUCH more beautiful in person! Photos don't do it justice. : ) Stunning!!!

    in Saskatoon

  2. ps - what category was it in? Mixed Media??

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved, the piece is wonderful, especially the sky. Do you hand appliqué all your pieces.

  4. Congratulations girl - your art is gorgeous so well deserved I'd say! :)


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