Monday, April 13, 2015

Fibre Fling 4 was a Great Success!

Our Fourth Annual Fibre Fling held last weekend was a great success!   We had lots of visitors, received many positive comments, sold lots of beautiful pieces and even signed up new members for Out of the Box.   We haven't got all the figures yet but I am guessing we raised many $$ for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.   The high tea was certainly popular!

I sold most of the necklaces that I had at the sales table.  Luckily I have lots more at home and will add some to Etsy this week.   I was very pleased that many of my smaller stitched pieces were sold as well.  I also sold one of my favourite hand stitched pieces (aren't they all my favourites?) called A River Runs Through It.  This piece travelled to Edmonton last year to be part of the FFAA exhibition called 'Prairies'.  It is going to a good home:)

A River Runs Through It

Here are a few of the others that have gone to new homes.

Moose Sculpture at Sunset


As Far as the Eye can See - leaving me shortly.....

Two of my tiny shadow box pieces are sold as well - Forest Floor and Wildflowers.   I think I say this after every show but I don't seem to have photos of those pieces.   It's like they all migrate from my camera roll as soon as the piece is gone!!   I have lots of photos of the pieces which I still have!?

So now besides getting seriously to work on my taxes I am rushing to finish a wall hanging for a very special little person who is coming any day now.   It is a surprise but I don't think I will spoil it by mentioning it here because his parents are very busy right now preparing for the new arrival.

When I have a chance I will add several new pieces to my Etsy shop - since I don't have any shows coming up in the next few months.  I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to Newfoundland this spring.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fibre Fling 4 is Fast Approaching - Some New Jewelry Designs

Another week till Fibre Fling 4 - our fourth annual fibre arts show.  For more details please see my Exhibitions Page.   I have submitted all my lists and information sheets so all that's left is to do a final check and pack up the work.   Whew!!

This winter I worked on some new jewelry designs and ordered some new and different metal 'trays' for them.  These ones are all machine stitched, protected with a gel medium and placed in the settings without glass.   I will have these at the show but will still be showing lots of  my fused fabric landscape pendants covered with a glass cabuchon as well.

I will have lots of fabric postcards which are great to send with or without a plastic sleeve but also look good in a frame.  Sorry for the duplication but I took photos of these in batches and just noticed some got in the picture more than once:)

Here is a preview of a couple of pieces I have made especially for this show.  Both are hand stitched.   The landscapes were painted on fabric then stitched.

The Waters of Cape Breton


Now on to a special project I have started for a special person.......but it's a secret!