Sunday, June 26, 2016

Canada Post Blues

I am holding my breath hoping that a Canada wide postal strike or lock out will be averted.  Just in case it happens I have placed my Etsy shop on vacation mode.   I don't sell a lot through Etsy but you never know and customers do contact me from time to time to purchase from my blog or website.  Unless customers are in the Ottawa area it looks like I will not be able to sell any small items online as long as this threat hangs over our heads.  Larger pieces can ship through alternative means but it is way too expensive for smaller stuff. The worst is that I can't place my own orders to purchase jewelry findings or threads.  Boohoo!!  I do have a fairly good supply on hand as long as things get settled soon.  Luckily all my art work for shows, CDs etc have been mailed.   With all the artists and craftspeople who sell online, this can be so bad for business!

Since I can't buy stuff I might as well get working.....I am working on a new hand stitched project and doing some free motion work on some UFOS so hopefully I will have new work to post soon.  I am procrastinating on the machine work but once I sit down to sew I can really get into it.

I also saw the Quilt of Belonging in Kingston last week.   It was an emotional experience!  I will post details and photos soon.
Keep cool!

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