Monday, November 7, 2016

Shows and Exhibitions

***Please note - Colour Unboxed at Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario - NEW HOURS
The museum will be CLOSED from Dec 23 to Jan 9, 2017.
Opening hours changed to 10 am to 2 pm.

I am gearing up for three weekends of shows starting on November 18 but first I decided to take a weekend off and attend a quilt retreat.   I can't believe I am doing this the weekend before a show but I have worked hard and have lots of work to show.   The trouble is I keep getting inspired to start more works when I know I really should wait till January.    I will probably be finishing up some small embroideries at the retreat or maybe pricing and packaging necklaces:)   Or just eat and drink and walk in the woods:)))

Please check my Exhibition page if you are in the Ottawa area.   I will post details and posters. Besides the three craft and artisan shows,  I am taking part in an exhibition at the Textile Museum in Almonte starting in mid December with my fibre arts group Out of the Box.  It promises to be a wonderful exhibition of fibre art.   I will post that one too.

I have been embroidering birds this fall.  I used to draw birds and sculpt them in clay (many years ago) and have done a few embroidered or appliqued birds but these are very tiny - made to fit into mini frames and hanging ornaments.  The difficult part is setting a price on them.   They take a long time to stitch using one or two strands of thread but in the end they are tiny ornaments or framed minis.   They are fun to make though!

Red Breasted Nuthatch on the side of a tree trunk

Cardinal, Chickadee, Loon and Nuthatch

this 2" high goldfinch is ready to frame
Ornaments - loon, cardinal  and downy woodpecker

Besides birds, and as far removed as one can get, I have been playing with needle felting and embroidering abstracts.   I started a series called Building Character, looking at the ways we can describe people using shapes and expressions - it started with a piece called Spiralling Out of Control (I was having a bad day).   This one is called When Edgy Meets Calm
When Edgy Meets Calm

 I am finishing up two others -  "With Eyes Wide Open" (ie aware)  and "The Flash" (ie appearing like a bolt of lightning).   I'm thinking about Diva, Firecracker, Sunny Personality,  Bubbly etc etc ..........all to come.    This could be fun.

Talk about Serendipity,  last week I unknowingly parked my car under a Ginkgo Biloba tree.   I returned to find my car covered with beautiful Ginkgo leaves.   Luckily none of the gunky fruit landed on the car but they were scattered on the ground.  I took some photos then rescued a few leaves from my car and brought them home.   Their shape is so beautiful!  I am still finding some stuck around the trunk of my car.  

When I was gathering photos to post I saw this little reminder of my hiking trip to Cape Breton in September - seems so long ago.   These Adirondack chairs behind our rented cottage in Neils Harbour beckon but we barely had time to sit in year..
Hope to see you at the shows!    Check my Exhibition page.

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