Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making Progress

I have been busy with three different pieces in the last few weeks.   I have just finished two of them (see photos below).  With "The Bench",  I simply finished it by binding the edges instead of creating a fabric frame because I plan to frame it.  I think its simplicity calls for a frame.    In the case of "Water Lily"  I used the same white fabric with muted pinks, yellows and blues for the backing that I had used for the petals.   I simply folded the backing over to the front to create a narrow binding.  I wanted to see it in a matted frame as well so "Water Lily" is now at the framers for a custom framing because of its odd shape.....and I am hoping it turns out the way I had envisioned.   The binding is there just to finish the piece - it will be covered by the matt once framed.  I am framing it without glass.

The third piece is a monochromatic one called "Heard it Through the Grapevine".  I began with a photo of grape leaves on my patio.  Part of my class project, I drew a pattern from the photo, agonized over the colours and placement of the leaves, trying to capture the sunlight bouncing off the larger outside leaves and the gradual darkening of the shaded underlying leaves.  I finally came up with this image......lots of embroidery stitching still to be done with this one.

The second photo shows the stitching as I start the process of embroidering each leaf -  four down, twenty more to go....more or less.

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