Monday, January 11, 2010

Heard it Through the Grapevine

I finished my Grapevine piece last week and here it is.   It was a monochromatic piece I did for our quilting class for an exercise in using a pattern.   I decided to have the grape leaves flow out over the border as they do along the wall of my house.  It was a fun piece to do. 

Now I am tackling a large quilt of Kuan Yin, mother of compassion.   I have read articles about her and looked at lots of pictures online.   Then I put everything aside and drew my perception of her from what I had read and seen.   For instance she always carries a blue bottle holding the essence of life and a branch from a weeping willow.   There is often an open lotus flower signifying purity of heart and the level she has attained.  There are sometimes dragons as well.  I will add a bird and tiger resting together in the folds of her robe.    I'll keep you posted.   So far I have only the pattern completed and am  in the process of choosing fabric.   I want to add embellishments and some fluid acrylics to this piece.  Maybe some of my own dyed fabric.   We'll see....

I am almost finished preparing my online class for Quilting Weekly.  It has been quite a learning experience so far.  I will add a link from my blog once the class is up and running if it all works out.


  1. Just love the grapevines. Can't wait to hear about your online class too.

  2. I had to go look...Googled Kuan Yin. Can't wait to see your interpretation. You do beautiful work.


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