Friday, January 29, 2010

time to blog

I haven't posted for awhile mostly because I have been working more hours at my paid work this month.  I have also been busy finishing my latest work for the online class I will be instructing and completing the lessons for the same.   I am happy to say that the piece is completed - just the sleeve and info tag to complete on the back.   I'll be keeping this one under wraps for awhile.

I got together with a quilting friend last week and we watched a couple of quilting videos - one from Katie Pasquini Masopust and the other was the work of Leni Levenson Wiener.   Both were very inspiring.

 This week I also started a new piece - an orange lily - and am presently agonizing on how to present it - the background, surroundings, framing etc.   I tried a different technique of fusing the lily pieces onto the  muslin  background then cutting out just the flower and trying it on various backgrounds.                                          
Here is the beginning of my lily before I cut around it and placed it on several different backgrounds searching for just the right one.   I plan for it to be framed inside a small square with a larger frame surrounding it just the opposite of my last piece 'Grapevine' where the leaves continued over the frame.  I want the colour to jump out from behind the frame.   My problem is visualizing the background and surrounding frame.  I tried the rules of colour, I used my own intuitive eye for colour - still no luck.  I know the right fabric is out there somewhere - and probably in my stash.    Does anyone else go through this kind of creative agony when designing a piece?

My quilting friend and I have made ourselves a challenge.  Choosing a colour scheme out of a hat, we will choose colours, and complete a piece using the same photo as inspiration but with our different colour schemes.   I got 'analogous' and she has  'achromatic'.   It will be fun to see what we come up with.  Oh, and each of us will give the other one of the colours she has to use.   Lots to do......and I haven't forgotten 'Kuan Yin" - still in the planning stages.

I have to say that my heart is breaking for the people of Haiti and I just hope that they will get the help they need over the next few months.   I have seen and heard so many heartbreaking stories and stories of bravery. Their plight is never far from my mind.   I feel so fortunate to live in Canada in a solid home with food to eat and the opportunities to foster my creativity.    I hope everyone who can, will think about contributing to the organizations who are in Haiti caring for its people who already had more than their share of suffering.

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  1. The lily looks great! Love your shading on it. And yes, I go thru a lot of agony picking backgrounds and accents. Sometimes I get it right and other times fall flat. What I see in my mind's eye is not always clear enough to help either. Have you tried a mixed a crazy patch effect maybe dark blues and greens..for this? Then a narrow piping and then the frame? Just tossing ideas to you. Know you will find the perfect fabric and setting.


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