Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teaching a Landscape Class and Having Fun

It's February already.  A whole month into 2010!   Blogging really makes me think about what I am accomplishing - and am I having any fun yet?   This week I finished my lessons and artwork for my online landscape quilting course and sent it off to Quilting Weekly.   I'll have more to say about it soon but right now I am just resting on my laurels.  It was such a learning process for me because I needed to record every step of my progress.  I think exercises like these can help us develop our skills and think about why we do things the way we do.  A very interesting procedure.   Now on to my next project(s).

Last week I spent the evening (till the wee hours) at an annual party hosted by some musician friends.   It was a treat to be around so many talented musicians getting together and performing all over the house.  I managed to play along on my drum for several hours.   I never miss her party and remember one year I brought a friend, and as we moved from one musical group to the next my friend remarked "this must be what heaven is like!"  I agree.

Yesterday I walked in the woods and got some great photos of deer who are far too brave for their own good!  We have had less than our usual amount of snow this winter while all around us storms are swirling.  It means less cross country skiing and snow shoeing but more walking in the woods on packed down trails.  I'll post a photo of my deer soon as I download them from my camera.

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