Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Fever/Quilting/Deer

I haven't blogged for awhile because I have been sidetracked with the Olympics.  I've even started thinking about a sports-related's all about the quilting!

I had a class in surface design last Saturday and played with Shiva Paintsticks, foils, Tsukineko inks, artist pencils, Fabrico markers and these great Caran D'Ache wax pastels.  I'd better start selling my quilts soon so I can invest in some of these great products.

I am working away at my three projects  - my orange lily, my goddess quilt, and our quilter's challenge.   The last one is coming along nicely with an underwater scene in blue, blue-violet and blue-green.   I plan to use lots of embellishments for this one.  My goddess is starting to take shape but I am so hesitant to take the next steps - fusing the pieces to the background.   This week I will attempt to move forward with it.   My lily is almost finished being stitched, just the pistils and stamens to add and then the frame.

We finally got some real winter weather two days ago but it only lasted one evening with a wild snowstorm (which I had to drive in to get home from work) then started to melt overnight.....what a strange winter we are having in Ontario this year.  We have snow on the ground but nothing like we usually have.

Out for a walk in the woods, I photographed the antics of the local deer - far too brave for their own good. One is snitching food from the bird feeder, another licking a birch tree (yum), one stood up on its hind legs to reach some tasty tree branches, and another is eating some food people had left for them (!!).  It had a choice between dry bread and veggies and guess what it chose.  One was a young male and you can see the spots where he lost his antlers and new ones will soon start to grow.  Click on the photos to see close ups.  Enjoy.


  1. Excellent photos! How did you get such great photos without disturbing the deer?

  2. These deer are pretty tame. As long as we don't startle them the just continue what they are doing. The land they are on does not allow hunting.


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