Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rusting in Progress

In my last post, I forgot to include a picture of the wine bottles wrapped in fabric - all ready for the rusting to begin.   Inside the fabric is a layer of steel wool.   Just add water and wait........Shirley tended them all week keeping them damp.

ready to rust!  only 6 days to go.

When we removed the fabric it was a mess of wet smelly bits of rusty steel wool.    Taking it apart was a bit of a challenge.   But when we saw the results we were determined to try it again.    Now, whenever I am out cycling or walking I am always on the lookout for old rusty treasures.

It's been a busy summer with BBQs, music nights and now, a friend visiting from Newfoundland.   I am working away on my quilting in spite of the hot weather but most of it I am keeping under wraps for now.  My commissioned piece is past the crucial stage and I am enjoying the process.   I was accepted into a show at the Glebe Community Centre in November and am working on some smaller pieces for that weekend as well.  In less than 2 weeks I am off to Newfoundland to hike the East Coast Trail.   I know I will come back brimming with ideas.    Since it has been so hot here all summer, I am not in the best of shape for hiking.   I am hoping it will be cooler (but dry?) out there.   I think I'll be taking it slow and steady.

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