Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from the Rock

I just returned from 10 days hiking the East Coast Trail in Nfld.   It is a fabulous trail!    We hiked around 87 km of trail in weather ranging from hot sun to cloud, fog and pouring rain - even a thunderstorm!   We saw several whales as we walked along the cliffs and even saw a pod of orca whales - who were seen attacking a minke whale the day before we spotted them.   I'm glad I wasn't a witness to that event.   However when we went out whale watching a few days later we did not see a single whale - lots of puffins and mures though.  We strolled the lovely city of St. John's, visited craft shops and galleries, and photographed the colourful houses.

I have some great photos which I'm sure will be inspiration for wall hangings and maybe paintings.  As soon as I download my photos I will post some on my blog.  Now to quilting.

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  1. Wow, sounds like an exciting and fun trip. Looking forward to photos and seeing what you create with them.


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