Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am way behind on my blog posts but I have been busy - working, quilting, singing, attending a workshop, and volunteering.   I will start with our tryptych.   Several months ago I blogged about some of the challenges Shirley, Iris and I have been working on.    For this one, Shirley drew a quick sketch of beach houses by the sea in Suffolk England.  She cut the pattern into 3 pieces, each 6" x 18" and gave one section to each of us.   The only rules were that the major lines needed to be line up with one another, the houses that join should be the same colour, and the piece would be done in a folk art style.    We each completed our section on our own and finished it with narrow black binding.  Here are photos of the finished piece.    The best part was the unveiling and seeing them lined up together.   Mine is the one on the left, Iris' is in the middle and Shirley's is on the right.  As you can see we did not line up perfectly but there is a lovely blend of styles. It is interesting how each of us interpreted the theme.   And now for something completely different - our next challenge is to complete a mosaic piece.   I've already gotten a good start on mine and finding it to be a very relaxing project - a bit like completing a puzzle.

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  1. Beautiful job on this! Absolutely love the design. I've done one of these and it is not easy to get the units to line up, but I think you all did a fantastic job.


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