Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wanted: Inspiration

I don't say this often but I need inspiration.   I have just spent 10 days on a whirlwind tour of the Gaspe in Quebec.   We combined camping and bed and breakfasts.   In 10 days we hiked, went on a whale-watching tour, kayaked, toured les Jardins des Metis (a wonderful garden - I'll post pictures soon), took a boat to Ile Bonaventure to see the gannet colonies, ate a lot, drove a lot, got wet a lot (it rained almost once a day), and stopped a several art galleries and craft stores.   I've not had a needle in my hand for 2 weeks and I'm suddenly not sure where to start.   I've looked at my vacation photos for ideas but nothing jumps out at me yet.   I have a couple of pieces that were partly finished when I left and I do have a theme I am working on but nothing seems to appeal to me right now.    

So.......I decided that I need to tackle my work space.   Somehow that always gets me motivated.   And my 'stuff'' has gotten out of control - especially since I work partly on my kitchen counter and table but store my fabric in my very small upstairs office.   I need to be very organized.   I'm trying to be innovative and think outside the box.   I'm also trying to be ruthless and get rid of pieces of furniture that take up space where I could have shelves full of fabric.   Priorities right?    Some days when I am working at my kitchen counter surrounded by bread boxes, a pile of bills, various small appliances, with my cat trying to climb or sleep on my work and the phone and doorbell ringing, I wonder if art can survive these challenges.   Then recently I started to read about other artists who have the same issue and it gives me a boost to know that beautiful work can come out of less than perfect conditions. So  I'd better get back to the cleaning and sorting.   Hopefully it will lead me to new ideas.    

ps - a friend just sent me a very appropriate email called 'how to deal with housework'.    It says "make a file on the computer called 'housework'.   Go to the file, right click then click on 'delete'.   When it asks if you are sure you want to delete 'housework' forever, firmly click on 'yes'."...................you'll feel much better!!! :-)


  1. Your trip sounds amazing. A huge travel quilt would be my style....but you need to focus on your style and size. Would love to see more landscapes...hint, nudge, encouragement. Put on some music while you organize and listen to your muse.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Music is a great idea! I should have thought of that since I went on the trip with a musical friend and we sang our way all around the Gaspe peninsula!


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