Saturday, July 9, 2011

From photos, to doodles, to postcards, to stitches

I recently completed a few 4" x 6" pieces which I sent to be judged for a postcard exhibition.   Some were stitched while others were drawn with markers.   One piece was inspired by photos of a mother raccoon and her babies sleeping in my elm tree.  Mom had gotten tired of having 4 little ones jumping, grabbing at her and sleeping all piled on top of her on a hot summer day.   Soon, I saw her get up, wearily walk out on a limb and collapse onto it, legs hanging out on either side (she later returned to them).   Using the photos, I started doodling a caricature of them and ended up with a kind of zentangle in black and white with a touch of green.   This became my postcard entry as shown.   Then I decided to enlarge the picture and trace it onto a piece of white cotton which I am embroidering with black thread.   I will post a photo of the embroidery as a work in progress once I get a few more (hundred) stitches.  I decided to add touches of green on the leaves with watercolours as I did with markers on the postcard.

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