Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sea is Our Mother

This second piece that was submitted for jurying by photo is one that I worked on for over a year.    In a previous post, I showed one of my photos taken in Cape Breton that was published in the Toronto Globe and Mail.     This piece was inspired by that particular spot.   As part of Hike the Highlands we walked the Jack Pine Trail, stopping for a rest at squeaker hole.    I was taking photos of the scenery and snapped one of two women sitting on the cliff together.   

Looking at the photo upon my return home, it just called out to me to be a quilt.   The actual figures are anonymous as we only see them from a back view but I used the poses from the photo as a rough guide.  I also took some liberties with the original scene to make it more pleasing and show depth (like adding a piece of land in the distance and a tiny gull on the rocks).   I call it 'The Sea is Our Mother' because of the respect that people who live near the sea and gain their livliehood from it, display.   There is an understanding among maritimers of how generous, beautiful and powerful the sea can be.   The piece is  24" x 18.5" and is hand-stitched and quilted.   I pieced the rocks together with many, many stitches.....This piece invokes in me a picture of contemplation and a common understanding shared without words.    It reflects my own love of the sea and rugged landscapes.

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