Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Fibre Art - "On the Rocks: Some days you just need to get away"

Last month I sent submissions to Lowell Gallery in Massachusetts to be juried for an exhibition.   The theme was "The Sea".   I was keeping them under wraps but they were not accepted so I will post them.   This is the first piece - a whimsical look at getting away from it all.   Connie Kaldor wrote a song several years ago called 'Wanderlust' about how, every once in a while, a woman's gotta pack her bags and get away.   So I created the ultimate getaway.   I hand-painted the background and appliqued onto it.   Everything is appliqued and quilted by hand.   For depth I appliqued on some waves at the bottom and stuffed them.   The mermaid was painted on a piece of white cotton then I fused a piece of filmy gold organza onto her to make her skin glow.   I then fused and stitched her to the background.   I added a tail, sequins and more gold organza and here she is being pampered by a rockhopper penguin and octopus.  On the rocks I placed her sunglasses and book.  The fisherman in his boat on the horizon could have several decide.

Click on the picture for a close up view.


  1. Wow, this is so amazing. I love the way the skin glows and the octopus is a great touch. Lots of detail....and your painted fabric is perfect. It's the show's loss for not accepting glad you posted it.

  2. Debbie, thanks for your supportive words. I liked the way her skin turned out too. I was experimenting with the sheer fabric. Fantasy themes are a bit of a departure for me this year and I am having fun with it. As far as the exhibition, I'm sure there were lots of great entries to choose from. It must be difficult to be a juror.


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