Friday, June 3, 2011

Mosaic Lizard

I finally finished my mosaic lizard (iguana?).    It still doesn't have a name - any ideas?  This was a challenge piece with two friends to use a mosaic design.   I haven't seem their contributions yet but I will post them too.   I started by drawing a lizard in my sketch book, colouring it with pencil crayons, and dividing it into squares.  Each square was to represent 1 inch.   Then I prepared some fused fabrics and started laying them on a piece of black cotton.  Once I had the shades I wanted, I ironed them down, added batting and backing and started quilting using 4 colours of thread throughout.   Some of the pieces didn't fuse perfectly so I glued down the edges with a tacky glue which worked well with the cotton fabrics and didn't show through.   I cut the backing a little bigger than the piece and used it for my binding.    It was very freeing to take a bunch of one inch squares and just place them wherever.  Click on photo for a close up view.

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