Monday, August 29, 2011

Continuing my Pathways Series - The Relationship Path

Still on my 'Pathways' theme, I had an idea for a quilt about weather so I gathered up some  sky fabric, painted some more and waited for inspiration.    Since I often think in terms of music,  soon the words "through all kinds of weather" came to mind - and my quilt became about relationships (this is how my mind works).   

I started piecing skies with sunrise, blue skies, starry skies, sunsets and storms.   I used a mix of cottons, organza and painted satin (with ranger dyes).   The cottons were painted with my usual water soluble crayons, watercolour pencil crayons and setacolours.    I added a kind of rainbow pathway with painted satin and cut some pink and gold organza, fused it with misty fuse and created a soft morning sun.  After stitching it all together I added black couched cord around each piece for a stained glass look.   Next I will add two small black silhouettes of a couple along the pathway and embroider some lightning in the sharp-edged stormy segments.    Now I am trying to decide whether to add any quilting or just frame it as it is.   Also how to frame it - possibly with sky fabric or black binding?  I'll need to do some thinking and audition some fabric before I go any further.  If I use sky fabric I will add black binding as an inside frame.   It might even be interesting to mat it and frame it under glass.   I think I will call it "Through All Kinds of Weather: The Relationship Path".    Maybe it should end with a question mark.   What do you think?

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