Sunday, September 4, 2011

stitching on black eyed susans completed

To prepare for an exhibition next summer, I am spending most of my time this year working on my 'pathways' series.    I am still working on my 'relationship path' and foggy 'mickeleens's path pieces ( the latter has already a zillion stitches!).    I have also spent time on another piece showing my son and I blueberry picking in Gatineau park which I already love (it's from a 34 year old photo).      I like to work on several pieces at a time.    But I also like to complete pieces because it motivates me.   And working on smaller pieces especially these painted stitched ones is very relaxing.  So here is my finished black eyed susans, all stitched and bound.   I decided to  add batting and backing and stitch through all three layers.   By cutting the backing slightly bigger than the front, I was able to fold it over and use it for the binding.    So the small piece (4 x 6" plus binding) is complete as it is but I will probably add a mat (8" x 10") and frame it without the binding showing - and without glass to show off the 3D effect of the stitching.  Why finish it this way if I am going to cover it with a frame???   I don't always do it this way but  I kind of like knowing that whoever ends up with this piece can remove the frame and have the nice surprise of seeing a finished stand alone little piece.   

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