Thursday, September 8, 2011

Through all Kinds of Weather - Progress

I've been making some progress on "Through all Kinds of Weather: The Relationship Path".   Still not sure of the title since so many relationship don't weather the storms and this little embroidered couple are just starting down the path, so who knows.     I stitched the path with multicoloured threads and the couple in black.  I added some lightning to the stormy sections (purple and grey sections) but a friend thought they were sparks (as in 'sparks of attraction' or perhaps 'when sparks fly' in a relationship:-)   The binding is still partly pinned and I plan to add a narrow inner frame of black.  It is not a large piece, maybe 12" x 16" when completed.  No quilting for the next little while.  I'm off to Cape Breton tomorrow and hoping for good hiking weather.

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