Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birds and Ducks and Geese and Butterflies and Turtle - Spring

Splish Splash

I'm takin' a bath

The longest bath ever

My Turn (I thought he'd never finish!)
You're not planning to drink that bathwater are you?
Yummy fresh spring flowers!

Did you hear something?
Duck (mallard)

Duck (momma)

Duck (eating feathers)

Goose! (and gosling)
Isn't this the cutest little fluff ball?

Posing for the camera
Butterflies have invaded us this spring, yeah!

Can anyone identify this one - maybe a Myrtle's warbler?
This very social goose accompanied us down the trail
My favourite sighting - a colourful wood duck
Must not forget - many, many painted turtles

More from the back yard

Lots of white crowned and white throated sparrows in my backyard this spring

Fresh buds in April

View through my bevelled glass door- trees would make a fun fractured quilt
In case you think that all I do is make quilts here are some photos of spring in the swamp, the forest and my back yard.   Birds do the darndest things.  Like the goose following us down the trail, the grackle who was mesmerized by the purple flowers in my backyard and then there is the story behind the duck eating feathers.  A few minutes earlier there was a confrontation and one goose took a bite out of another leaving a clump of feathers on the the wooden bridge. This duck sauntered over and ate them. Hmmm.  I'm sure there's a reason for everything that happens in nature.    A few of the photos are not perfectly clear but were interesting sightings nevertheless.   The ones that got away - two rose breasted grosbeaks in my backyard and several gigantic wild turkeys out on the trail.  Next time.......

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