Thursday, October 4, 2012

From a Book piece is finished

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City

I have finished my From a Book themed piece.  In the end I decided to fashion it into a 3 dimensional book including both a front and back cover using stitches, glue and staples over a thick stretched canvas.  The piece itself is the front cover.  I added a bit of a frame top and bottom then wrapped it all over a piece of cardboard and glued it down, then I glued the cardboard down to the stretched canvas.  There is only glue on the overlapping fabric not the piece itself.
As I mentioned before I machine stitched the words along the spine of the book using my letter capability on my machine.

For the pages, I machine stitched lines on a long piece of fabric then wrapped it round the 3 edges of the stretched canvas and glued and stapled it on.  I plan to fashion a special label and place it on the back cover.  Hoping to incorporate a rainbow.
If I had thought ahead, I would have made the front cover to open and placed a photo from The Wizard of Oz inside but that idea came too late.   The construction part was challenging and it is not at all perfect but I am kind of proud that I was able to construct a 3 dimensional piece.  Other than my goddess dolls, I believe this is the first 3D piece I have made.

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  1. So very unique and are off the charts with this one. I love the thought you put into the whole is great!

  2. That is so pretty!!!!!!!!1 I wish you could hear me giggling : )))

    I love that.
    ps- did you know the little linky threads between letters can be trimmed away? I just learned that! Check and see what your machine manual says first. Mine are meant to be snipped.

    That is so incredibly gorgeous!! I want to see the goddess dolls too... where are they?

    : ) Thank you for linking up!


  3. Great project....great inspiration for a book cozy.


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