Monday, October 15, 2012

Revisions to Beading Challenge and Labelling my 'Book'

Sometimes it pays to look at a piece for a couple of weeks before submitting it to a show.  After finishing my peacock piece it really bothered me that the beadwork filled in all the spaces.  I wanted the centre to pop and felt that it just wasn't isolated enough.   So I bravely removed all the beads around the peacock so there would be some black space and moved them closer to the bird itself.  I think it is an improvement.   Here is the new and improved bird titled "With Eyes Like Diamonds in the Sky"

With Eyes Like Diamonds in the Sky

And here is the original - with too many beads!

You can vote on which one you prefer but it just might make me feel bad because I am submitting the new and improved version today so it will be too late for any more changes :)

I am also submitting my 'From a Book' piece today and wanted to show you my label.  I would have liked to see a rainbow in the piece since Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favourite songs, but it just didn't work out.   So I printed a rainbow on the label using an old cropped photo I had taken in Cape Breton.   I don't have a fancy editing program so I just opened the photo in 'Paint' mode on my Windows 7 photo program, added text and printed it out on my inkjet fabric sheets (EQ Printables).  Here it is attached to the back of my 'book'.

Next time I will post photos of my new rug hooking frames that arrived Friday.  I am so excited!

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  1. your eye, it is that good. The Peacock is just fabulous. And the label is just perfect too for your book. It looks great.


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