Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fabric Flowers Everywhere

I just spend most of a frustrating day photographing my latest work  and swearing I'll never again use black as a background.  It's so hard to get the focus right for the rest of the piece and black shows everything.    I should have used black batting or painted it because the hairs on the batting seem to find their way through the black fabric.....Anyway enough of that. 

I decided I needed a break so I took some quick photos of a bunch of flowers I have been assembling for a floral piece - part 2 of Down the Garden Path: Friendship is a Garden.   Here's what I have so far.   They still need to have all the details stitched on once they are appliqued to the background.

Only 30+ more to go......

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  1. omg....30 more?! These alone are beautiful....great selection and color and fabrics.My machine is heading for the shop this week, so I need to get to cutting and fusing. Thanks for the motivation.


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