Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year! New Fabric and More

Let me join all the other quilters who are showing off their new fabric purchases.   My favourite quilt shop The Running Stitch had a great January sale and I purchased some great yardage (with a gift certificate from my son so I really didn't spend anything:)   Then I added some fat quarters...

A few days later, I went over to Canada Beading Company to pick up the gift certificate that I won with my Peacock piece.    They have a great selection of Vineyard silk threads so I picked up a few more colours....

And a few lovely little organza bags to hold my fabric brooches.

Then my friend and I decided to stop by Wooltime to see their new yarns.   What a great selection of fancy yarns and patterns - a knitter's paradise!    In their bargain area I found some great textured yarns to use in wall hangings and for texture in my hooked rugs.  Aren't they great!

I also ordered some pieces of felted wool to add to my rug hooking stash but it hasn't arrived yet.  I'm working towards starting another hooked rug on my new frame.

 Before Christmas I ordered a few pins online at Zazzle.   The buttons have images of some of my pieces on them and I think they could be a good way to promote my work.

I just realized that I missed the deadline for a show I wanted to enter.   I thought I could register by email but discovered it needed to be mailed in.   Drat!  I still barely had time but I would have needed to prepare everything quickly and send it Express halfway across the country.   It's expensive plus the registration costs and then if it is not juried in......So I decided to pass on it.  Luckily I hadn't completed a special piece for that show.  I do keep lists of show dates etc but it pays to read  and make notes on ALL the requirements (and keep checking them).   I have others coming up that I will not miss.

I am just putting the binding on my piece on aging and mounting my colour challenge piece.  It will feel good to have them finished and move on to the next....I'm still working on my Sunshine and Vines piece and starting a floral and some water pieces. 


  1. wonderful haul you go there. Expecting to see some neat things this year from them. When you go shopping, you just make the rounds....isn't that fun.


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