Sunday, March 3, 2013

Surprises and Things

A few days ago I had catarract surgery on my left eye.    So what can I do besides putting drops in my eyes (3 kinds, 2 to 4 times a day) and being bored because my eyes get tired so quickly?   Not a heck of a lot!

Because I am an artist and I hate wearing reading glasses I decided to have my eyes adjusted for closer up and wear glasses for far.  I also decided to have my astigmatism corrected.  Then my first surgery was moved up by 2 weeks leaving 6 weeks between the two surgeries.    So here I am with a much improved left eye seeing pretty well close up and the other eye still seeing through a progressive lens (I have removed my left lens).  It's left me temporarily feeling a bit woozy and with changed depth perception when walking.    I hate the thought of waiting 6 weeks for my second eye so I am on a cancellation list hoping my surgery will be moved up.  I know that lots of people choose  monovision (one eye adjusted for close, another for far) and their brain can adapt so I hope my brain will kick in soon and start to interpret the difference.  I can still see ok for distance and hope I will be able to drive once I see my eye doctor on Tuesday.  

The trouble is that there are so many choices in catarract surgery that it makes your head spin.  I was happy with progressive lenses before so I am fine with having to wear corrective lenses if it will bring me back to the way it was - just no reading glasses please!   We have come such a long way from when people became blind or had to wear thick glasses for life.   And I remind myself that, in some parts of the world, people still go blind from catarracts.  So I guess I need to stop complaining, be patient, and be thankful.

A Postcard from Monika at My Sweet Prairie
I did have a lovely surprise when I returned home the day of my surgery.   A few weeks ago, Monika Kinner-Whalen at   My Sweet Prairie asked people to guess which books she had just purchased.  I came close and she sent me a lovely prize - a fabric postcard and a calendar.   Her photo of teepees in winter was chosen for the December issue of this calendar - a beautiful surreal scene.   Thank you Monika!!  It really cheered me up - even though I couldn't really see it clearly till the next day:)

Monika's Calendar Photo

It was nice of mother nature to provide two days of snow last week for my entertainment so, equipped with sunglasses, I spent some time watching the storm and taking a few photos.

View in front of my house

Drifts from my front window

A strange glow in the evening sky

Birds beware!

I loved the way the snow coated each branch


This fellow showed up today after the storm - we do have more snow in the forecast but none so far.

After the Storm

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