Monday, August 5, 2013

Motherhood! Embroidered Whimsy

This visitor to my ash tree yesterday motivated me to complete my little raccoon themed hand embroidery.  I have posted this piece in progress many times over the last two years relating the story of a mother raccoon, a hot day and four rambunctious babies.  See photos at  Mama told me there'd be days like this   I took several photos but the last one told the whole story as mom crawled out from under the bouncing babies and threw herself on a bare branch with her legs hanging down on all sides.   I started with a doodle/zentangle drawing in my sketch book. Then I traced my original drawing on fabric and started stitching.  I added a little colour on the leaves (with caran d'ache pencils I think.)  After two years, it was time to finish it off.

I had auditioned this fabric months ago then couldn't decide whether to use a fabric border or a painted stretched canvas.   I chose to add the fabric border with a green fabric covered in black line drawn leaves.

Then I added thin batting to give it some body and mounted it on a stretched canvas, stapling it on the back.

Finished at last


Can you relate?

Finally settled down to rest

The family visited backyards throughout the summer sleeping all day in trees and prowling all night until neighbours attempted to remove them.   The family was broken up and since then have only appeared now and then as singles -both adults and younger ones.   Maybe yesterday's visitor was a grown up version of one of those frolicking babies.   I guess some people feel that wildlife is a threat to urban life.   My philosophy is that we have destroyed so much habitat and food sources that animals have to adapt however they can.  I don't encourage them and I put bungee cords on my recycling bin to keep it closed.  Otherwise I let them be.

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