Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pen and Ink Sketches as Inspiration

I was looking through some older sketch pads and found some interesting pen and ink sketches I had done a few years ago.  Seeing them in black and white gave me an idea.  When I drew them I was primarily quilting and hadn`t yet tried out embroidery work.   I think they would make lovely embroideries - just black on white with a little touch of colour....

A Harbour on Prince Edward Island

Moose from Algonquin Park (I made a quilt featuring this fellow)

My Ash Tree - subject of many artworks

So......I've started working on the harbour piece stitched in black thread on white background and it is almost finished!   I can't believe it is so addictive!  When I pick it up  and start stitching I can't seem to put it down.   I'll post the results soon.

And for now, here is a photo from my recent visit to Prince Edward County.
A Soaring Gull on a beautiful day near lake Ontario

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