Friday, January 17, 2014

Focus on Fibre Art Entries

Wow!  It sure takes a lot of time and effort entering pieces in shows!   I just loved the theme of this show - Prairie - lots of opportunity for hand stitching!!  I spent the most of my time this week  photographing my work and re photographing my work - wishing again that I had better equipment, lighting and space to take photos.  Because of the weather, I had to take them inside so I opened all the curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible.  Eventually I had enough photos that reflected the true colours of the pieces.   Finally all the applications are completed and it is ready to go.

The following are just small portions of the detail shots I took of each one (a close up of a close up).  As you can see there's lots of hand stitching in two of them and machine stitching in the other.  The skies are painted in two pieces.  Two are stitched over the pieced fabric landscape, the other is stitched over a painted fabric landscape. 

That's all I am able to show you for now.

On another note (a musical one), I brought my necklaces to choir because two members had expressed interest.   They ended up being passed around and I sold 7 of them without really trying.  I was running out (I only brought 10) so they asked me to make more and bring them back.  How encouraging to me when trying out a new item!!

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