Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colour Challenge in Fabric and Work in Progress

Last year I took part in a colour challenge with my fibre arts group.  The colours were midnight blue and orange (tomato red) and I chose orange.   This year's colours were yellow, turquoise, or black and white.   I started a turquoise piece in the summer but wasn't sure where to go with it (some stamping on fabric didn't work out so well) so I put it away.   Time is getting short so I have started working on it again.  It is a scene from Newfoundland (Trout River Pond and Elephant Head) and I got to thinking about all the colourful place names in NL.  

So I decided that I would embroider some of those place names on the solid turquoise section of the piece after embroidering some tone on tone on the same sections.   The finished piece will be 12" x 12" and I have finished the middle section which is the landscape and I have done some embroidery on the top and bottom sections.

middle section is 4" x 11"

It will be surrounded by tone on tone embroidery
    My next step is to embroider place names around the central part - Trout River Pond, Elephant Head, Heart's Desire, Conception Bay, Fogo, Come By Chance, Cupids, Fortune........I will call it "Local Colour".    I hope it works out.  If not I will be picking out a lot of embroidery.......

Last year I submitted an appliqued and embroidered piece called "Small Wonders of the Forest" inspired by photos of a grouping of tiny orange mushrooms.   It is still part of the colour challenge travelling exhibition soon to be joined by this year's colour challenge pieces.

 I recently started a new mushroom piece inspired by another photo of those same group of  mushrooms.  It is mostly embroidery on a photo transfer.   The positioning of this group of mushrooms reminded me of a conversation taking place between two groups (maybe I should call it "The Conversation"?).   It is still a work in progress with lots of hand stitching needed on the background.  I am thinking of adding an orange red border and finishing with a stretched canvas.  I have the perfect piece of fabric that I dyed in a class awhile back.)

I finally got some of my new landscape necklaces up on   ETSY       When I can find some time I would like to work on fabric beaded necklaces as well.   Right now we are busy with publicity for our annual spring show in April.   More on that later.....

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