Friday, February 21, 2014

More Fibre Jewelry and Other Stuff

This week (in spite of a wickedly sore back) I managed to finish up a few things and make a few more pieces of jewelry in the evenings while watching the olympics (Go Canada!).  Most of my days have been spent on  publicity work for our upcoming fibre arts show.

Besides my little landscape pendants I tried out a new idea.  I embroidered tiny trees on fabric and made pendants out of them.  The big ones are approximately 1" x 1 1/2", the small are 1" square.

I added some sparkly paint to this one

Then I ordered some earring backings and made a few landscape earrings (very small - about 13 x 18mm).  Here is my first pair drying in a bowl of rice to keep them upright.  They have a little sparkle too.

These are waiting to be glued into the settings

I also embroidered some tiny flowers to make into a pendant.  I like the embroidery but the finishing was a bit messy (that's why I am not showing the finished piece:) so it's back to the drawing board.   It's quite small as well - maybe 2.5 inches wide.

 Since it seems I am into jewelry making I designed myself a new business card just for the jewelry.  I used my basic computer editing program and was surprised (after several hours of work) to find that it uploaded to the printer's with no glitches and two weeks later the cards were in my mailbox.

At last I finished my embroidered tree.  The stitching was finished weeks ago but I needed to back it and zigzag the edges.    It still doesn't have a name and I agonized over how to display it - over a mat, under a mat, on a canvas........

Under a tan coloured mat

On top of a mat
I finally framed it in a reddish brown frame under a 9 x 12" tan mat but the mat covers part of the embroidery so I may need to re think.

And lastly, I put the final hand stitch on my new mushroom piece (Small Wonders II).  It measures about 8" x 8".

 And now the fun of figuring out how to finish it.   Originally I had chosen two fabrics to use as a border then wrap around a canvas but it was not quite right.    Then I had an idea which involves photographing part of the background and printing it out on fabric then using it to cover a stretched 12" x 12" canvas.  I would add a narrow plain band of colour around the piece first.  Might be fine or might be too busy.   My other idea was to extend the background in paint on a canvas again with a narrow border around the fabric part.  I really like the idea of combining fabric pieces with painted edges.  Or I might just add a mat and frame.  Finishing sometimes takes as much time and effort as the stitching, doesn't it?

I have started watching a bit of my linear landscapes course (Gloria Loughman).  I have made a pattern and enlarged it - all ready for use.   I've chosen some fabrics but I want to paint a sky piece for it.   I don't have enough time to really focus on it yet so it is on hold for now.    I have to finish my turquoise piece for the colour challenge - almost done - just need to mount it on a canvas and add hanging wire and a label.  Oh, yes and we need to deliver it in a fabric bag - that's the hard part for me.

I guess I have been busy!

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Sparkles and Shadows on Snow


  1. You have been very busy... your jewelry is very nice. I also like the other pieces....
    I started the Gloria Laughman class as well. I am about half way done. It is a great technique but takes a lot of time. I did learn about colour choices and how effective it can be.
    jo vdmey

  2. Love your pendants and earrings. Wonderful fibre art on such a small scale. And I think the tree looks better under the mat. Good choice. Good luck at your show.

  3. Your mushroom piece may be small, but it looks as if it has a lot of work in it. The colours, particularly with those mushrooms are very striking. I agree about the finishing bit - and if you are like me, your head is already in the next piece - or the one after! Hope you solve your dilemma. Your snow - light/shadow photo is stunning - a new stitched piece perhaps?

  4. Oh your work is rich! I like the pieces floating on the mat. The coral/red color in mushrooms is yum.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. Your work is amazing! Love those mushrooms and all that hand stitching.

  6. OMG, I'm thrilled to see my threads used by an incredibly talented artist! So creative Juanita. I signed up to follow your stitching ventures so look forward to seeing A LOT more! I'll be back to spend more time on your blog soon. L.


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