Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If you don't like your artwork - turn it on its side or even upside down!

I am almost finished setting up a work space.  I moved my machine in this week but still have things scattered around waiting to be sorted.  It is certainly a full space (note to me - don't buy anything more - except an ergonomic chair) but I think it will work.  Here are some photos of the boxes of fabric lined up on my lightweight shelves, all nicely labelled, and another of the whole room.  I created file boxes for shows/exhibitions/past/present/future - promotion - tax info - organizations - suppliers - and a box labelled 'interesting venues to follow up with!

Today I am having a new furnace and water heater installed and finally I have succumbed and am getting central AC.   It means that this warm little room will still be accessible in the heat of the summer.

So I am still not doing a lot of stitching but I managed to finish this little piece of hand embroidery on a hand painted background.  I wasn't sure about the orientation.  Originally the heavy flower was in  the top left corner but I think I like it the other way round (second photo).

  I am also working on stitching my felted piece which started out as a sunset sky but when I turned it sideways I saw shadowy shapes of women.  So here is my new piece.  Still a work in progress and trying to have some fun with it.

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  1. I've just been catching up on reading. I like the second photo with the flower in the lower right. Beautiful by the way.
    I love that you turned your felted landscape into women. It's like watching for shapes in the clouds!


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