Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stitches, Paper Flowers, and More Stitches

Interesting fungus on a tree in the Ottawa Experimental Farm

Several rather unique Irises

And beautiful Peonies
I went walking in the Ottawa Experimental farm a couple of weeks ago and the peonies and irises were in full!

A while back I stitched a few tiny embroideries with the plan of setting them into silver plated pendant trays.    Here they are  - not sure yet if I like them or not.

Each one is 1" x 1.5"

Close up of stitching

I haven't been feeling too inspired so I went through some older sketch books the other day and found this doodle of a mermaid.

I had been wanting to stitch this one on fabric for some time but forgot about it.   So I traced it on white kona cotton and started to stitch.  I have been at it for 4 evenings and here is my progress so far.  It will be 9" x 12" when finished.

I am using a larger hoop but wish I had a stand because it is awkward.  I may end up using my small hoop.

I hope my fingers hold out:)

I also started another smaller piece that I had painted onto fabric a while back (One thing that seems to work for me when I can't seem to get motivated to start from scratch, is to go back to old photos, sketches or UFOs and see if they move me to action).  This one will be 5" x 5"

Last Monday we had some fun at a paper making workshop with Out of the Box fibre artists.  Suzanne, from our group, taught us how to make paper flowers, envelopes and beads using magazines and fancy papers.  It was great to play and socialize.

Here are some envelopes we made - the polka dotted ones are mine

My flower and some beads I made from magazine pages - very cool!!

Suzanne's lovely beaded necklace and scary spider!

Lucy's striking flower and envelopes

Here is Suzanne holding up her spider
 Suzanne was very generous with her time and knowledge and we had a great day!

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  1. Your hand work on the embroidery is really beautiful.


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