Friday, October 21, 2011

Computers Yuck!!

Two weeks ago my computer got a virus and shut down and refused to boot up.   After 12 (!!) days in the shop it was returned to me without virus this week.     However I had to re set my emails, reload up stuff, re-connect my printer etc.   And for a few hours I thought I had lost all my photos (some are backed up, some not).    Anyway they seem to be in the computer (but not where I left them!!) so I am going through a big learning curve.    Not good for someone who has serious computer anxiety.   There are still some issues that keep popping up but mostly it's working now.   And it is much faster now that most of the junk is gone.   So that's my story.

The good news is that my back is feeling much better and I had the best 12 days when I was free to quilt and have fun and not get bogged down with computer stuff.   I didn't really miss it! (except for blogging of course).     I realize that computers were taking over my life and my time.    So I am making a resolution even though it is not New Years.   I am determined to start having computerless days - to put it in its proper place in my life - a tool not my boss.

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